Automotive Products - Ignition Override Unit


The RAMAR DEVIL is a vehicle anti-theft device that allows the engine to be left running safely with the key removed from the ignition. The engine cuts out as soon as someone attempts to drive away without re-inserting the key in the ignition.

Ideal for :

→ law enforcement

→ emergency services: ambulances, fire brigade

→ breakdown assistance services

→ temperature-controlled and refrigeration vehicles (transport, deliveries)

where the engine provides the primary source of power.

Vehicles :

Cars | motorbikes | commercial vehicles | trucks & lorries

Power source maintained

The battery keeps charging and provides adequate power to :

→ Interior lights

→ radios

→ air conditioning (can be left for dogs)

→ refrigeration system

→ other ancillary equipment or electrical accessories

Anti-theft device

Without the key, the engine cuts out as soon as :

→ the handbrake is released

→ the foot-brake and/or the clutch is applied

→ or when the shift lever moves away from ´Park´ (automatic transmission)


The RAMAR DEVIL has a long track record as a robust reliable cost effective way of ensuring vehicle security whilst in operation, simple yet effective.


RAMAR also offers a bespoke service to configure the DEVIL runlock to match customer´s requirements.

Highway Code

This product must be used in accordance with the Highway Code and current legislation effective in your country relating to road vehicles.



• Simple installation

• Fully encapsulated

• Momentary push-to-make switch and optional runlock indicator lamp/LED not supplied : customer or vehicle specific

• End of line rig test : all units fully validated

• Generic wiring schematics guidelines and installation recommendations supplied

• ’E’-marked compliant to 95/54/EC and 89/336/EEC

• Approved for Emergency Vehicle Use by the Home Office VIDG

• 3-year manufacturer warranty

• Made in UK

Technical Specifications

Voltage 12V DC operation (24V version also available)
Outputs◦ 2 separate 20A by-passes
◦ 1 ground output, which can be used for an Indicator Lamp/LED, or to drive another 10A ancillary
Inputs ◦ 2 battery +12V supplies (power supply to runlock and brake light switch)
◦ 1 ground input (handbrake)
◦ momentary switch input to ground
Dimensions 105 x 72 x 32 mm3
Weight 320gr
Temperature -30°C to 85°C


Price :

DEVIL A0-2E : 170€ * (12V).

DEVIL A0-24 : 185€ * (24V).

* ex-works = price ex-VAT and excluding shipping costs.

Offer :

Discount available with volume
contact us.

Shipping costs within the EU : 18€ ex-VAT. Free shipping from 3 units.


DEVIL runlock flyer (PDF download).


DEVIL A0-2E - Description, Specification and Wiring Schematics (PDF download).